Poetry and Talking Points

During National Poetry Month, we will be posting poems that originally ran in one of the ten journals published by NCTE. This poem “Treasures” by Megan, a student working with Michelle Ambrosini comes from Talking Points:

A labyrinth of books
Winding like a pesky garden snake
Faintly whispering to me.
My hands skim the crumbling bindings of
Words covered in inch thick, ash-gray dust
The slow, crisp crack of a page turning
Stirs the silence
The smooth sensation of paper
Tickles my fingertips as I scramble about
Treasure after treasure from its hidden chest,
My greedy eyes devouring
Every word.
An excessive pile of
Priceless words
Finally in my grasp

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About Lisa Fink

Lisa Storm Fink is the Project Manager for ReadWriteThink at NCTE. After teaching grades K-4 for almost 9 years, she brought her varied experiences (multi-age classrooms, looping, cooperating teacher for preservice teachers, plus a specialization in Remedial Reading) fulltime to the ReadWriteThink site. Lisa feels lucky to have worked on all parts of the ReadWriteThink site as a writer and reviewer, curriculum developer, and now as Project Manager. She enjoys sharing the site with others during professional development opportunities as well as with her preservice students at the University of Illinois.

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